Why use a recruiter, as a candidate:

Written by: Shlomo Meisels


CEO of SM Staffing

Published on: August 15, 2023

Applying to jobs can be an arduous and confusing process. You won’t always know of the countless opportunities that exist, especially for your skillset. Although the job market is very large, a recruiter can help sift through the almost endless possibilities and hone in on what’s right for you. And when it comes to self-worth, some people aren’t certain what position would suit them best, as well as how to advocate for themselves once attaining it. A recruiter advocates for you, negotiates your salary, provides real advice and guidance through it all. Setting up interviews and meetings on your behalf will give you the time and headspace needed to prepare for them. Wikipedia can’t coach you the night before an interview. However, a recruiter can. By ensuring you’re well-versed on the terminology and company background before walking in the door, you will feel significantly more confident in yourself. And the best part is, using a recruiter is always free for you.


While combing through each social app, you finally get to LinkedIn. It’s the usual, endless “I am excited to announce” posts on your feed. You are undoubtedly happy for those people with a new job but it’s hard not to think - when will it be your turn to “announce”? With that in mind, you continue to save job after job application and message connections hoping it will lead to a change. What you don't realize is, instead of scrolling aimlessly through job postings that aren’t applicable (pun unintended), you could be looking for the right recruiter to help! A recruiter can find relevant jobs for you, guide you through the technical processes of applications, and of course, the emotional luggage too. With the right support, your chances of becoming a job holder goes up significantly, and you’ll finally have the post to share.