Interviewing tips for a candidate

Written by: Shlomo Meisels


CEO of SM Staffing

Published on: July 12, 2023


It’s completely normal to be nervous for an interview. But don’t let your nerves talk yourself down! You must remember to be yourself - companies don’t want to hire robots. You may have brushed up on the company’s facts and have imagined a hundred different scenarios in your head - which is all important prep - but your personality is what will make you stand out. That and maybe a surprise such as you asking the interviewer questions! Not only is it important to know what you’ll be getting yourself into, but switching the roles will be refreshing for the interviewer. Remember, you want to be a suitable match for your future work environment! It’s very important to make sure your personality meshes well with the company and the only way to achieve this goal is through being yourself.