Interviewing tips for a company

Written by: Shlomo Meisels


CEO of SM Staffing

Published on: August 1, 2023


While most believe that an interviewee is the one most likely to be nervous during an interview, it’s quite common for the interviewer to also have sweaty palms their first couple of times. But thankfully, after some practice, you’ve come up with an impeccable system to vet people. By working with your recruiter, you have an idea of the candidate’s professionalism and decide to get a feel for their personality. Are they willing to learn? Are they growth oriented? Of course you sometimes run into technical questions about confusions on their resume. Yet regardless, you’ve taken notes, you’ll lean on your recruiter for guidance, and will concur the accuracy of their statements with their references! With this system in place, you’re able to continuously hire the strongest candidates.