What to look for in a candidate

Written by: Shlomo Meisels


CEO of SM Staffing

Published on: July 3, 2023


Regardless of your position in the company you work for, you too were once considered a candidate and had to go through the grueling process of hiring. Remember the fright you felt in wondering: Are they going to see I’m the best pick? What if they think they made a mistake with hiring me? Well, with the roles reversed, and now you’re the hirer, you may be experiencing the other sides’ fears: What happens if I don’t hire the right person? Could I find a better fit in someone else? Firsty, think of the Golden Rule - treat others the way you want to be treated. How did you want to be seen when you were a candidate for your job? Then, prioritize your wants. Does your candidate have the right character for your work culture? Are they looking to pursue a career with your company? Are the aforementioned aspects more important than their experience and skillset? Are your standards too high? It’s important to check yourself, to remember that you want to hire a person, not a robot (and even robots aren’t perfect!). Obviously finding the perfect fit for the position you’re seeking to fill is more desired, but remember that a perfect fit doesn’t necessarily mean a right fit.